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Deal with the Devil and the Birth of a State

This past week was the 67th anniversary of the partition plan’s passing in the United Nations. This is one of the most important events in Zionist history because, for the first time, the nations of the world were mandating a state to the Jewish People. This vote passed in the UN General Assembly, with the required two thirds majority despite the fact that only four days earlier, on November 25th, a preliminary vote that required regular majority to get the final vote on the 29th barely passed with just 51%. Amazingly, the Zionists succeeded in increasing the vote from 51% to 72% of the General Assembly in just four days. If we compare the vote tally on the 25th to the 29th, we will find that there are in fact a few changed votes, but the most conspicuous shift is in the vote of the Latin American block. Of the 13 Latin American countries, they all voted either for partition, or abstained. Brazil and Haiti changed their vote from no to yes. Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ecuador switched from abstaining to a vote for partition. Others, like Argentina, Columbia and El Salvador changed from against to abstaining.

How did the Zionists manage to sway South American dictators?

Howard Sachar, in his book A History of Israel, simply states that the Latin American countries voted with compassion for the displaced refugees of the Jewish People. It is hard to believe that the Latin American dictators felt so much compassion toward the Jews, especially since they did not feel that way on the first vote on the 25th. Loftus and Aarons, in their book The Secret War Against the Jews, give a more plausible explanation. They claim that Nelson Rockefeller had tremendous influence over those countries. He had extensive business dealings throughout South America and had a deep network of business and political connections to call upon. The American used his influence regularly. The Zionists approached Rockefeller with a thick dossier of ironclad evidence of his business dealings with Nazi Germany. Before 1941 those dealings were taboo, but after 1941 they could be seen as treason. They also presented evidence that he was influential in smuggling Nazi money out of Europe to South America, as well as in helping his friend, Alan Dulles, to set up a network via the Vatican to smuggle Nazis to safety in South America.

When faced with these charges, Rockefeller offered a deal. He would deliver the South American votes, and in return, the entire Nazi issue would be taken off the table. No hunting Nazis by the Jewish State and no hunting Nazi money. The Zionists were taken aback by this. They had to decide what they wanted, either a state or justice. They could not have both. Ben Gurion made the decision to take the state and both sides kept their end of the, bargain. Rockefeller delivered the votes, and until the Eichman episode, twelve years later, no Nazis were hunted by Israel. Even Eichman was a single case, and resources were generally not allocated to Nazi hunting. Nelson Rockefeller went on to be Governor of New York and Vice President under Gerald Ford.


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