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The Amazing Race Jerusalem


Based on the popular reality show The Amazing Race this is a fun way to learn about the different sites in the Jewish Quarter.

This can be a race between teams of 4-5 people or a single team without the competitive aspect. Each team is given a task to complete and only when this is done do they receive the next task. The tasks lead the team through various places in and in close proximity to the Jewish Quarter. The tasks are designed to include different skill sets so that everyone on the team will have something to contribute. Each team must have a smart phone because the tasks are sent through the phone as are certain communications from the team to the moderator such as photographs and videos. Based on the type of group we make certain adjustments in the game so it always appropriate to the particular group.


If you have a request to design a game in a different area please be in touch and we will try to accommodate your needs.


Appropriate for ages 8-80


3 hours

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