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The Vilna Gaon In Jerusalem


The Gaon of Vilna's attempted aliyah was unsuccessful but he encouraged his disciples to come to the Holy Land. His closest students arrived in Eretz Yisrael early in the nineteenth century and this small community of scholars had a profound impact on Jewish life in Israel, an impact that resounds loudly in Israel to this very day.


Join us as we walk in their footsteps in Jerusalem. Meet some of the important personalities of 19th century Jerusalem and hear their stories. In the first part of the tour we will find out who made Aliyah by swimming to Israel, which article of Napoleon's clothing was prominently displayed here, who found shelter in a cave when denied entry into the city and how they all continue to make a major impact upon modern day Israeli society.

After a short break, we will visit the restored Hurva Synagogue. This synagogue was the result of 50 years of continuous efforts by the students of the Gaon in Jerusalem. Its story is inseparable from the story of the renewal of Jewish life in Jerusalem and in all of the Land of Israel.


3 hours

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